Inspired by legends, mythology, and traditional fairytales, last year I started a journey in which I had one goal… To use my photographic talent to express in images the beauty of a land that still shows the magic of times long gone.Transylvania is a land rich in myths and legends with regions that are Europe’s last great wilderness.

In the last year, I have photographed the sunrise and the sunset from different corners hidden from circulated roads or modern cities. Places with strange and supernatural beauty and I often felt that time stopped in these places… the feeling was odd as if you were waiting for the characters from the grandma`s stories, or characters from the complex history of these places to appear in front of you.I chose to use some techniques of photography and post-processing to emphasize these feelings and moods I personally felt in these places. In this series, I photographed centuries old abandoned mountain villages, remote medieval hill fortresses, vineyards of lost kings, haunted castles, ancient untouched forests, mountain pastures, villages where transport is based on ox and cart, portraying the pastoral idyll of Transylvania.I tried to remind us of a time when heroes brought order to chaos when dark forests still keep its secrets.

It’s not hard to see why Transylvania’s landscape has sparked the imagination of so many writers. As English travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor wrote in 1934 ‘Transylvania had been a familiar name as long as I could remember. It was the very essence and symbol of remote, leafy, half-mythical strangeness; and, on the spot, it seemed remoter still and more fraught with charms.’ With this quote in my mind, I made a selection of my last year work, and I hope you will feel the magic from this lands yourself to.

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