If you’re a frequent Uber user, you know that there are some special drivers on the road that go above and beyond to earn that precious five-star rating from you – or the opposite. They might have stocked their ride full of free goodies, brought their adorable dog along in the backseat, or given you outstandingly friendly customer service even when you were out-of-your-mind drunk. On the flipside, maybe they got terribly lost trying to find you, crashed their car and kicked you out in the pouring rain, or just creeped you the F out. Love it or hate it, Uber has certainly brought many cherished memories and hilarious stories into our lives, and we’re honoring that by rounding up the best ones we could find on the Internet. Scroll down to find out how those golden stars are earned and lost on the road, and tell us the best or worst Uber experience you’ve had in the comments.


#1 This Is The Best Uber

#2 Friend Left Her Purse In An Uber On Nye. Found Some Interesting Pictures On Her Phone When She Retrieved It The Following Day

#3 Coolest Uber Driver

#4 The Best Uber Driver In The World

#5 6 Stars

#6 My Uber Had A Bird In His Car Who Looked Just Like Jack Nicholson

#7 Ordered An Uber In Manhattan, This Is Who Showed Up

#8 This Driver

#9 My Uber Driver Let His Grandkids Decorate The Car For Halloween

#10 My Uber Driver Was Dressed For Halloween!

#11 Uber Driver Pretended To Be My Relative

#12 Great Sign In An Uber Today

#13 My Uber Had N64!

#14 Another Hot Day In Uber

#15 I Think My Uber Driver Is In Trouble

#16 A Friend Sent Me This From His Trip To Dubai, An Uber Mclaren Picking Up Someone From His Hotel

#17 After A Night Of Fairly Heavy Drinking, I Woke Up To Find I Took A Very Unnecessary Cab Ride… Thank You Uber For Rubbing It In My Face With The Detailed Map….

#18 My Uber Driver Picked Us Up With A Dog. I Repeat. Had. A. Pupper

#19 How To Receive 5 Stars As An Uber Driver

#20 This Racer


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