My name is Amit Shimoni. I’m a Tel-Aviv-based illustrator, content creator and character designer and I’m the artist behind the HIPSTORY series, an ongoing project with over 35 Hipstoriezed world leaders.

Since the series was first feathered on BORED PANDA, with only a few HIPSTORY characters, today I create a new HIPSTORY every 2 months, creating an ongoing history for my viewers. Each illustrated character gets its own unique HIPSTER interpretation based on the character’s life (Obama has a tattoo of his favorite reading book-Moby Dick), its persona (Princess Diana is wearing a T-shirt with a mine picture peeping out- she was known for her activism on the subject) and its achievements in life (Einstein has a tattoo of the novel prize).

After an impressing lineup of world leaders like Ghandi, Nelsom Mandela and MLK, my latest characters; Trump, Kim John Hum and Putin, might not be exact typecast for my series HIPSTORY but are definitely going to be the ones who shape the future of tomorrow. At the end, my idea is to give today’s generation access to history’s leaders and creating a world of ongoing HISTORY.

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#1 Albert Einstein


#2 Mahatma Gandhi


#3 Barack Obama


#4 Vladimir Putin


#5 Abraham Lincoln


#6 Nelson Mandela


#7 Angela Merkel

#8 Martin Luther King

#9 Queen Elizabeth Ii

#10 Come Together

#11 John F. Kennedy

#12 Kim John Hun

#13 Hillary Clinton

#14 Winston Churchill

#15 Che Guevara

#16 Princess Diana

#17 Dalai Lama

#18 Ronald Reagan

#19 Donald Trump


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